Not sure whether your business needs a website?

This blog post should give you an idea of all the potential benefits of having a website designed for your business!

In a survey according to the Office for National Statistics in 2012 80% of British households had access to the Internet in one form or another.

What’s more, there is a new generation of young adults who have grown up using the Internet. For this group of young adults (between 16 – 44 years old) the percentage these using the Internet every day raises up to over 80%! That means that every 4 out of 5 young adults are potential customers spending some time each day on the Internet.

What do they are they doing on there? In short – almost everything now, the possilities are endless. They socialise, read the latest news, study, online shopping, read and join in with other people’s opinions, work… we could go on. What is important for you to understand, is that they use the Internet to search for solutions to a large majority of their problems.

Whether its the need to fix a broken car, a leaking pipe, or a need to buy a personalised gift for a relative. Back in 2011, over 80% of those who classed themselves as ‘Internet users’, used the World Wide Web to compare products and/or buy online! And that number rises to over 90% when looking only at employed adults! These customers could be looking for your business!

A large majority of businesses swiftly began to adapt to this new market by having websites designed and published on the Internet. By December 2011 close to 80% of UK businesses had a website (Office for National Statistics , E-commerce and ICT activity, 2011). If you got left behind, in the remaining 20% you need to act now and change that, as the chances are, you are losing number of customers who are heading straight to your competition instead. If 4 out of 5 of your potential customers go online to search for products and/or services and they don’t find you there – they will more often than not, turn to your competitors.

Can you really afford for your business to lose 80% of your potential income?

People look online for products and services because it gives them much more than a short newspaper ad, they will have several opportunities to collect quotations or to view many options from different providers.

They can look at the photos of your company’s previous work, they can read more about you, make comparisons between you with your competition, find all the neccessary contact details to get in touch with you. – all that without having to make a call to you directly, whilst in the comfort of their own homes or place of work. If you choose to take advantage of this opportunity, there really is nothing to lose.

Your business should have a website because:

  • It is your version of an large online business card available to everyone, everywhere, 24/7
  • It is your online shop window, portfolio or gallery of your work
  • It gives all those people out there searching for what you can offer, an option to choose your company
  • It is a place to provide all the information about yourself or your company – giving a background in to your products or services
  • It helps attract new customers, potential employees and business partners
  • It allows you to keep your potential customers up to date with the current products/services and details of your company

As we all continue to look for potential customers, we should never forget that they are already out there looking for us. In order to allow them to find us we have to make ourselves visible to them. If they’re moving online with their searches – this is where we have to be when they choose to look.

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