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5 Web Design Trends For 2017

We've been in the web design market for long enough now to know what we can expect to see trending on fresh modern websites for the near future.

So we thought we'd share a few of our projections on what you can expect to see on new websites that are bang on trend.

1 - Big, Bold Text

We've been banging on for a while about how content for your website is key. Not only in the way that it's written, but just as importantly now, how it's presented. We predict that the newest trend will be to use fonts and styles that are just as big and bold as the statements themselves.

2 - Emphasising Content 

During the last few years websites have been concentrating heavily on adding headers, banners, imagery, calls to action, social integrations and pop up boxes. Really focusing on the look, the feel and the usability of a website.

We think that after spending all this time creating these additions, many websites are failing to deliver the message they originally set out to convey. We see a return to more quality written content displayed as a focal point. Not only to assist with search engine optimisation, but also to enable the visitor to get the message clearly, quickly and precisely. 

3 - Increased use of GIFs & Animation

Animated GIFs and other animations are appearing more and more on websites. Animations can be a great way to show how something works, how to do something, or offer other useful explanations in a simple format.

When used correctly and in conjunction with well written copy, this combination can be both eye catching and simple for visitors to digest.

4 - Landing Pages

We've already seen a growing number of stand-out landing pages on websites, these are often to accompany specific marketing strategies. They are reasonably simple and quick to make and can really capture the look and feel of a website in an instant.

If you are using different marketing campaigns to try and capture visitors for specific campaigns, products or services, you can direct them to landing pages that are tailored to suit the visitors specific needs.

5 - Use of Images

Type "Free Stock Images" in to Google right now and take a look at the various high quality royalty free stock image websites that are listed. 

Modern business websites should really try to be as inviting as possible and should try to reflect the values of the company. Which images like this, don't really portray...