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Is it possible for a Facebook Page to join a Facebook Group?

Yes! You can. It’s been one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received since Facebook Groups became a thing on social media. You couldn’t do it before, but now you can (as long as the Group Admins set the correct permissions).

When Facebook groups first started, the only way to join was as yourself using your personal Facebook profile. More recently, Facebook added a function where creators or admins of groups could also add their own page to the group (as an admin). Unfortunately, this wasn’t an option for users who wanted to join a Facebook group as a page.

All of that has changed now that the settings have been altered for admins, and you can now join your favourite Groups as your Facebook Pages.

Group Admins have to select the “Allow Pages to request to join as group members.” option in the group settings to make this feature available.

Facebook Group Settings

How do I use my Page to join a Facebook Group?

People have had varying degrees of success with trying to join a Facebook group as a page, so you can try a few things. When you first join a Facebook group, you are given the option of how you wish to engage in it (using your personal profile, or your page). At this stage, selecting the page you wish to join the group with is the simplest solution. For those who don’t see the option to use your Facebook page to join the group, you may want to try one of these strategies:

  • It may be that you are already a member of the group, so try to leave and rejoin to see if the option becomes available.
  • If you see the choice but it doesn’t list the page you want to join with, it’s because the option isn’t accessible for that particular page at present.
  • If there is no option to join as a page at all, it’s either because the Facebook group admin/owner hasn’t enabled it or because it hasn’t been rolled out to that particular Facebook group yet.

There does seem to be some issue with regards to allowing all of your pages to join Facebook groups. If you are an admin for multiple pages, you may find that when you try to join a group, you are only seeing certain pages in the list which may not include the one you actually want to join with.

After looking in to this in more detail, we have concluded that it’s possible that Facebook is only allowing certain Pages to join Groups while not allowing others to do so.

It’s possible that they may be using an algorithm to determine how young a Facebook Page is, how active it is, and even assign a spam score to it. If a Facebook page is too new or has a high spam score, it could be that Facebook will not allow it to join Facebook Groups.

We have noticed that on our own Facebook account, we are able to join groups with our pages that are most active. The age of the page doesn’t seem to be a deciding factor as we have new Facebook pages for clients that are free to join groups. So if you are struggling to join groups with your Facebook page, it might be worth spending some time being more active and creating posts for your page. If you already do that, and have a good following, then we’re stumped as to why you might be experiencing issues. Maybe Zuckerberg is just toying with you…

Should you be joining a Facebook group as a page or a person?

It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve once you’re accepted in to the group. If you’re looking at this as a quick “sales” opportunity and plan to sell only to group members, you might run in to issues. Facebook group admins tend to not like people or businesses simply joining to place sales pitches. There may be instances where groups offer a specific day which will allow people to post business advertisements. It’s also possible to contact the group owner or admins and ask them if they mind you posting something to highlight your products or services.

The best course of action for joining any Facebook group is to find ways to add value to the community. If you believe you can do this best by interacting as a Page, then it would definitely suit you joining as a Facebook page.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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