Looking for some insight in to your competitors?

Educating yourself and reviewing your competitors website in advance to planning your own is a key strategy to designing your website.

Many websites in your business sector may have a very standard look and feel to them.

How can you make yours stand out from the crowd?

A bespoke web development may be the answer. You have to ask yourself the question, If you are browsing the internet and find 5 websites all offering the same product, which one will attract your attention and lead you to stick with them?

9 times out of 10 the answer will be the website that is different. The website design that is in some way eye catching and gives off a more professional vibe.

Whatever field you are in, and whatever type of web design you are looking for, the more appealing your site is from the home page to the contact page. The more likely it is that you will engage your visitor.

Competition SEO

It will also be beneficial to yourselves if you take some time to evaluate your competitions search engine optimisation, things such as Keywords & Page Titles. If you can find a gap in the market for a certain keyword that your competitors have missed, then jump on it and utilise it to your advantage.

Use the internet to your advantage in the early stages of planning of your web design and you will notice the benefits early on with your website.

We here at eWebz can offer all the competitor research needed for your website, and this can be included as part of the whole design process.

Contact us for details on our competitor analysis services.

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