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Looking for simple yet effective FREE SEO tips?

Many people believe that Search Engine Optimisation is hard but this is not true.

Basic SEO configurations are very simple to implement and often this is all you’ll need to do, to improve your position on all major search engines.

If you are looking for a quick guide with simple yet effective free SEO tips, read on!

1. Optimise your titles, URL’s and page descriptions

Probably the oldest tip in the SEO industry but it is still very much one of the most important. Take the time to examine your website from a visitors perspective. Are your titles using keywords well? Will they attract people to want to click the search results to your website?

If there is room for improvement in your titles and descriptions, this is your first priority and a great first step for getting better rankings.

2. Provide unique, useful and fresh content

The only way to keep visitors interested in your website is by providing them with unique and useful content. 99% of your visitors will arrive on your website looking for something in particular.

If your content is outdated, or irrelevant to the subject of your website, your visitors will soon make there way to another website. They will likely want to find more recent and up to date information on the subject they were initially interested in.

3. Speed up website loading times

There is nothing worse than slow loading websites, obviously if there is a vast amount of information to be loaded, the loading time will reduce slightly. Having large images on a website can severely reduce loading times. If you have done everything you can to speed up loading, it may be caused by an issue with your hosting provider.

A premium WordPress plugin like WP Rocket will massively help with speeding up your website. WP Rocket is the world’s most powerful web performance plugin. It will minimise your load time and improve your Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores almost immediately. And best of all, there are no coding skills required. – check it out here.
WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

4. Register your website on Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console is a valuable addition to any websites management. The Search Console gives you the opportunity to see how your site is performing within the Google search index. You can also add a sitemap of your website and keep check on search queries which are being used by visitors to find your website.

Let’s not forget about Bing Webmaster Tools either, there is more than one search engine online and you should definitely be taking other platforms in to consideration. All new Microsoft Windows computers come with the Microsoft Edge browser set to default and 9 times out of 10, the default search engine will be set to Bing. It’s definitely worth trying to do all you can to improve your search rankings across all search engines.

5. Website Relevancy

The content of your website should be relevant to your sites theme, products or services, try to avoid content that does not relate to your business niche. Content which does not relate to the websites core theme can often be distracting.

There is a fine line between too much and too little content, try to find the right balance to keep your visitors interested.

Try to ensure your content covers all the relevant questions that your visitors will be looking for the answers too. If your site misses a vital answer, it could result in your potential client leaving your site and finding a website that has the answers.

6. Website Sufficiency

A regularly updated website reflects that a site is active, website visitors and search engines will take notice. If a website has a blog or news section, in which the latest entry is six months old, it will appear that the website is possibly being neglected, and this doesn’t give a good first impression to your visitors.

7. Website Accuracy

Your website Meta Tags and Description Tags need to be optimised using your most important keywords in a way that does not look like keyword “spamming”. Search Engines, especially Google, place considerable emphasis on Meta Tags and Description Tags to help with search relevancy and accuracy of your websites indexing. Use clear, concise and informative Meta Tags that are related to the content on your website to assist with promoting your websites page rank.


These free SEO tips and will assist in promoting the page rank of your current website if they have not already been optimised.

As we said at the beginning of this free search engine optimisation article, the act of implementing SEO changes is not usually difficult. The things that usually create issues for business owners trying to run their own SEO campaigns are often:

  • the time it can take up researching and implementing techniques and strategies
  • the knowledge required to really maximise that time spent

We offer competitively priced SEO services for a multitude of clients throughout the United Kingdom and we would be more than happy to work along side you to boost your company website.

If, after reading this article with our free SEO tips, you would like more information on our how we can help improve the search engine ranking for your website, take a look at our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) page which includes prices for SEO.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

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